Now open to requests, very limited! Will probably only be accepting physical copies for review regardless of the genre!

Welcome to Literature Approved! My name is Rayleigh and I’m the definition of a book addict! I’m a reader by nature, and because of all the time I spend reading I’ve never been real picky with genres so I find myself reading, and thoroughly enjoying, pretty much anything; though there are the favorites 😉  I have been a book reviewer/blogger for almost 3 years now (on a different site) and have reviewed over 200 books total. I am in the process of moving all of those reviews here onto Literature Approved so things will go either really slowly or really quickly, depending on how many new requests I accept.

Rating and Reviewing*

My reviewing and rating is based on Christian morals however I do not limit myself to only Christian books. I’ve read many books that are not “Christian” by title and have enjoyed them very much, however, in these books, as well as all other books, I use extreme caution in selecting what content I put into my brain. I also read and review ALL books based on a “first come, first serve” basis.

When reviewing YA, Adult fiction, and/or Nonfiction, I do make a point to mention the negative as well as positive whether I genuinely liked the book or not. I also will ALWAYS mention cussing, inappropriate sexual scenes/comments, graphic violence, etc. that was present in the book because so few reviewers do this, and because of that, many readers get blind-sided.

For children’s books, I rate and review based off of family qualities and learning opportunities. In my opinion, a book read to a child needs to be more than just a story; it needs to have lessons on that child’s level, well-done pictures, and to have engaging writing. Kids need to be read to in order for them to grasp a love for learning and reading, and the books that I read and review will be rated on how useful to the children they are.

*I would like to make a note that I list ALL BOOKS (WHETHER APPROVED OR DISAPPROVED) ON THE GENRE PAGES. I was going to make separate sections for the books I approved and disapproved, and that may come later; but I didn’t want to be so technical that it was hard to function. So, if you see a book listed on a page, please do not assume that it was approved; I just have them listed so their reviews can be easily found.

 Contact/Connect with Me

I am constantly reading and reviewing new books, so if you have a specific book you would like me to review. Or, for authors, if you are in need of a review for your book and would like to send me a copy; you can shoot me an email at TypeWritersHeart(at)gmail(dot)com.

I cannot guarantee that I will accept all requests because of either lack of time, interest, and/or whether or not the book is morally acceptable; however I do welcome getting requests and encourage you to reach out to me if you seek a review 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by Literature Approved and I do hope that my reviews will be beneficial to you; after-all, reviews are written for future readers, not the ones who have already read 😉

Reviewing on other sites:

always post my review on Amazon as well as Goodreads so there is no need to ask me to do so in your inquiry email 🙂 Also, I only post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (and here of course) so please don’t ask for other sites. All of my reviews will be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest and taking the time to share the reviews is extremely time consuming so please don’t ask for more 🙂 Thanks!

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  2. Your blog is wonderful! It’s so refreshing to see another teen blogger who shares the same values as I do. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. 🙂

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