Book Site Alert!

Book and reading sites are starting to pop up all over the internet, intended to create special, unique places for readers to connect and share their favorite books.

A new site, called ShelfJoy has recently come across my radar, and is intended for Twitter users (it will still function properly, and you will still have access to the full site without a Twitter account, however without one, you cannot partake in creating shelves or following those who have made shelves, you will be restricted to simply browsing).

The purpose of this site is to allow you to share what books you have been reading for others to find, and for others to help you find new books, by creating shelves. You navigate by tags rather than titles, and as I briefly mentioned, you may follow specific people and their shelves via Twitter. As of now, there is no app for mobile devices, it is strictly a website.

What’s my opinion of this site? I like the idea of it, however I am very new to Twitter so am still learning how to do a lot, and since ShelfJoy is Twitter revolving, I’ve had some difficulty understanding how to work it, though I do plan on possibly using it in the future 🙂 So go check it out Twitter users and have fun finding new books!



Comments? Please don't hesitate to give me your feedback!

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