What’s for Thanksgiving Dinner by Sally Huss

The Synopsis:

In this book you’ll meet several fine-feathered folks (a duck, a goose, and a turkey) who, after some tricky beginnings, become friends. With amusing rhyming verse to tell the story, the point gets across… that anyone can become a friend. This story is one to tickle the heart of any child, and subtly spark the spirit of gratitude within them. It emphasizes the importance of being thankful. 


What’s For Thanksgiving Dinner is a super fun book that brings in the popular game of “Duck, Duck, Goose” to tell the story.

This book definitely allows the kids to visually see and understand the meaning of being thankful. The rhymes are fun to read aloud and the pictures are engaging and illustrate the story perfectly.

It’s meant to be a silly, entertaining book for kids aged from 2 to 8, so there are some things in the storyline that are inaccurate, such as a duck wishing to eat a goose and vise versa, etc., but I don’t think that this is worth deducting stars over.

Overall, I think that many kids will enjoy this Thanksgiving book all year long, because being thankful is for more than just one day. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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